New Year, New Vision

Are you already wavering in your health goals for the year? January is a natural time when we evaluate how we are living our lives. We look back on the past year, and we make New Year's resolutions and hope that we are able to keep them. Don't let this be another year of empty promises that you make to yourself. Make a commitment to lasting change.

You may say, "Sure, great idea. But how do I do that?" The key lies in your vision. There is a verse in the Bible that says, "Without vision, the people perish." Obviously, this statement has multiple layers to it. But in my life, I have been able to directly apply it to my health goals. Saying, I want to work out more, or I want to lose some weight - that is not vision. Even saying something like: I want to lose 30 pounds by the end of the year is not the kind of vision you need.

For me, it was a vision centered around my family. I love my family and I want to be there for them. Here was the vision and the goal that I set for myself: I want to be able to play with all of my grandchildren and I want to be able to see and bless each one of my great-grandchildren. I am 50 years old and none of my 4 children have had any children yet. So this is an ambitious goal. I might have to live to 113 or beyond to be able to see each of my great-grandchildren. But the point is, I have a vision that is tied to my values and there is an emotional connection to the goal. Without that, it is just willpower and wishful thinking. When I work out, I have that vision in front of me. I picture myself playing with my future grandchildren. I see myself blessing my great-grandchildren and I am motivated to get myself fit and healthy and stay that way.

What is the vision that you have that will inspire you to press toward the goals that are the most meaningful to you? What is a goal you can set for yourself that has an emotional connection? Get that vision, set your goal, and go after it!