What are Asian Fit Oakleys? - Tactical Sports Gear

As you are searching for your perfect set of Oakley sunglasses you will find a variety of styles.  And eventually you will decide on a particular style that you like. But don’t get comfortable yet. Because within that style there are some additional options that have to do with fit and comfort based on your particular face structure.  One specific fit that you will come across is the Asian fit. This option is available in several different styles: Flak Jacket, Half Jacket, and Radarlocks just to name a few.

So how does the Asian fit differ from the standard frame?  It is going to vary slightly from style to style, but generally speaking, the goal of the Asian fit is to create a wider bridge so that the glasses will sit higher on the bridge of the nose. Statistically speaking, people in Asia will have a nose that is higher on their face compared to people groups from other regions. Thus the term Asian fit.
Let’s look at the Flak Jacket for an example. Here is a breakdown of the dimensions and how the Asian fit will compare to the standard fit:
  • Lens width: Standard=63mm, Asian=57mm
  • Bridge width: Standard=14mm, Asian=21mm
  • Lens Height: Both=36mm
  • Temple Arm Length: Both=133mm
As you can see in this example, the width of the nose bridge is wider for the Asian fit. And in this case, Oakley chose to make the Asian fit lens smaller to accommodate for the wider bridge. However they have not done that for every style. In the case of the Half Jacket, they have used the same exact frame and lens, but swapped out the standard nose piece for a smaller one, which will make for a wider nose bridge.
So the big question if you are trying to find replacement parts for your Oakleys is about compatibility. As you can see from the Flak Jacket example, there can definitely be compatibility issues if you try to replace a standard lens with an Asian fit lens.  And while the Half Jacket lenses should be interchangeable regardless of the fit, there have been customers who complain of not getting a good fit when trying to insert an Asian fit lens into a standard fit frame. So your best bet is to stick with the original fit on your replacement parts.