AccuBow 2.0 Carbon Fiber Archery Training System

Brand: AccuBow
SKU: KW01238

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The AccuBow 2.0 is the World's First Ever Virtual Archery Practice System. The AccuBow is adjustable from 10 lbs. to 70 lbs. in pulling resistance so it's great for all ages.

Here's how the AccuBow System works.
1) Get your AccuBow equipment.
2) Download the AccuBow App.
3) Attach your phone and start shooting!

New AccuBow 2.0 Features
• Foldable limb design for easy travel
• Measures only 14" x 14" x 6" when collapsed
• Real bow string center with real D-loop tied on
• 75% quieter with less vibration
• New and improved phone mount comes pre-installed
• Dual resistance dials
• Integrated laser sight for stability and strength training included
• Improved string stopper design
• Adjustable from 10 to 70 lbs.
• Lifetime Warranty on replacement parts

New AccuBow 2020 App
The new app offers 21 shooting modes ranging from target shooting, bowhunting, bow fishing, build-your-own archery range, treestand hunting, dangerous game, and even archery golf. Customize your shooting settings and immerse yourself into realistic graphics and animations to provide the ultimate virtual archery experience.