AccuBow Archery Training System Standard Device with Laser Sight

Brand: AccuBow
SKU: KW01072

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AccuBow Archery Training Device


The World's FIRST EVER Augmented Reality Archery Experience. The AccuBow - Phone Mount Accessory system allows you to attach your mobile device to the AccuBow and participate in a VIRTUAL archery experience! Download the AccuBow app for mobile device and practice in both Olympic target archery and Bowhunting environments. After dry-firing the AccuBand, the AccuBow app provides a precise and accurate reading of your virtual arrow launch and shows your arrow's destination. This the most effective archery training method ever created and the first ever augmented reality archery experience in the world. Practice archery anywhere, anytime!


  • Official Archery Training Device for US Olympic Shooters
  • Augmented Reality Archery System
  • Increase Pulling Poundage
  • Eliminate Target Panic
  • Improve Holding Stability
  • Increase Shooting Stamina
  • Rehabilitate Injuries




The AccuBow was uniquely designed for all archers! From beginners to experts, kids to adults, and compound style to traditional style archers - the AccuBow can be adjusted and customized to meet your needs! Product specifications are shown below:


  • Draw Weight adjusts:  10 - 70 lbs.
  • Unlimited Dry-fire capabilities
  • Laser Sight Stabilization System (included)
  • Draw Length adjusts:  21"-34"
  • Ambidextrous for both Right and Left Handed shooters
  • D-Loop Attachment (included)
  • Stabilizer Adapter built-in
  • Level Bubble Attachment (included)
  • Phone Mount Accessory (sold separately)