Greatland Rescue Laser Flare Magnum - Emergency Distress Signal - up to 20 miles

GreatlandSKU: KW01085

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The RLFAA024-01 Rescue Laser Flare® Magnum is a hand-held day and nighttime laser signaling device that provides a convenient, effective way to signal a rescue party. Its waterproof, rugged design combines the safety of a laser signaling device with the convenience of a flashlight. Most popular model with mariners!

Unlike pyrotechnic flares, the Rescue Laser Flare® Magnum is non-flammable, environmentally safe and can operate continuously for 72 hours on two easily replaceable AA batteries. Two standard alkaline batteries included. Lithium AA batteries can be substituted in sub-zero conditions.

Includes a SIGHT RING to help aim at your target!

Products Specs:

  • Visibility: 20 miles (32 km) nighttime, optimum conditions
  • 1-3 miles (1.6-4.8 km) daytime
  • Waterproof: to 80 feet (24 m) 
  • Laser Diode: Red - 10,000 hours meantime life
  • Laser Class:  3R < 5mW cw max
  • Beam Divergence:  = 5 degrees
  • Operational Life: 72 hours continuous use before changing the batteries
  • Battery: AA battery

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