Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B Laser Rangefinder 7x Black

Brand: Leica
SKU: KW01113

In addition to the determined distance for the calculation of the ballistic curve; the newly developed abc ballistic program integrates data for the angle of declination; temperature; barometric pressure and ammunition type. the crf 1600-b enables the output of values for a range of different ballistic needs: standard reticle - holdover / asv - clicks / ballistic reticle - level terrain distance. in this way - and only in this way - is it possible to precisely determine the required point-of-aim corrections. superior optics with outstanding image brightness for finely detailed observation. newly developed abc intelligent ballistics programme. for all equipment and ballistics applications. simple and intuitive handling. range up to 1500 m (1600 yds).