Pelican 2410 Black Recoil LED Stealthlite Flashlight

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Capable of shining light where it is needed in the darkness, the Pelican flashlight is an LED light that is efficient. Sporting a light output of 84 lumens, this Pelican Recoil LED StealthLite 2410 Photoluminescent is luminous, so that you will be able to point a spot light to make subjects visible. With the run-time of 32 hours on this LED flashlight, you can use your light for a long period of time.

Pelican 2410 Black Recoil LED Stealthlite Flashlight
Condition:  NEW
  • Flashlight and batteries as pictured


The Pelican Stealthlite 2410 Recoil LED Flashlight has the newest recoil LED technology from Pelican Products. The Pelican 2410 is a strong and industrial strength LED flashlight that produces a white, concentrated light that penetrates smoke, fog, rain, and other types of bad weather unlike conventional LED flashlights.

Other Features include:

  • tough and rugged ABS
  • can be submerged to 500 feet
  • one handed locking on/off switch
  • heavy duty lanyard
  • uses 4 AA batteries (included)
  • meets ATEX and FM standards