SSI Micro 2-Bud Hearing Enhancers w/ Tone Control HA-04B


Sale price$29.00


Sighting System Instruments Micro Hearing Amplifiers HA-04B are lightweight and comfortable to wear. SSI Micro Hearing Enhancement devices have an in-ear canal design, which makes them easy to apply or remove. The independent adjustable volume and tone control is a great feature if your hearing in one ear may be lower than the other. These Sighting System Instruments Hearing Enhancers provide automatic noise cutoff above 85 decibels to help protect your hearing. Available in black, these hearing amplifiers from SSI also include extra ear bud pieces, cleaning tools and batteries.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • In ear canal design
  • Independent adjustable volume and tone control
  • Automatic noise cutoff above 85dB
  • Available in black
  • Includes extra ear bud pieces, cleaning tools and batteries
  • Sold in quantity of two - one for each ear


***Please note, the purpose of this device is to amplify sound.  They are not intended for use as hearing protection. 

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