Stealth Cam FLX Game/Trail Camera - Model XV4WF - 30MP WIFI / Bluetooth Camera

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Capture the ideal game shot with the Stealth Cam FLX WiFi Trail Camera STC-XV4WF 30.0 Megapixel game camera with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With a burst mode of 1 to 9 images per triggering, you'll be able to capture every detail you need to. The generous 512 GB SD Card slot ensures you'll have more than enough storage space for your photos. The Stealth Cam FLX WiFi trail cam is a great option when you don't have cellular service and your camera is within 300 Ft from your LAN in your home or cabin or within 30-50 ft from your stand and you can use your mobile phone to retrieve your images without having to go to the camera. 


30.0 megapixels
42 IR emitters
Smart illumination technology
1080p video
Range control with adjustable PIR
Security mode (re-write SD memory)
Reflex™ Trigger of < .4 seconds
Intuitive backlit menu programming
Matrix ™ advanced blur reduction
Retina™ low light sensitivity
16:9 wide image ratio
Quick set pre-programmed option
Burst mode of 1 to 9 images per triggering with adjustable intervals of 1 to 5 seconds
5 second to 59 second/1 minute to 59 minute recovery time out
Time, date, moon phase, temperature and name stamp display
GEO-TAG GPS tagging
Manual shot capability
Secure lock password protection
SD™ Card slot up to 512 GB (SD card not included)
Test mode
Video and USB output
Operates on 8 AA batteries (not included)
External power jack f
or 12-volt battery box
Active time setting
Multilingual (Eng/Fr/Sp/Grm)
Preset time and date (CST)
App based menu and setting setup?

Built in Bluetooth and WIFI ?
Camera can be controlled by APP remotely. ?
Bluetooth initiates camera wakeup and adjusting camera settings?
Onboard WIFI – fast picture downloading.?
Wireless photo downloading ?
Two forms of connectivity ?
In Field: Camera to mobile device ?
Local Network : Camera to local network ?
Download and view the pictures within a 30ft -50ft range ?

vice ?
Local Network: Camera to local network ?
Download and view the pictures within a 30ft -50ft range ?

No data plans required?
No SIM-cards required ?
In Field Connection & setting in real-time.?
Fast images transfer of full-resolution images in field Current Stealth Cam Remote APP works for all wireless cameras (Cellular & Wifi)?
Field Application

User is in Bluetooth range of Stealth Cam Wi-Fi/BT camera (approx. 30-50ft)?
User opens Stealth Cam Remote app,  swipes down or presses Check for Available Cameras?
Stealth Cams in range,  go from gray to color, shows status?
The camera automatically activates onboard WiFi & activates the ability to begin downloading images.?
Local Network Application

Wi-Fi/BT Camera is set up to connect to the user’s home Wi-Fi network?
The camera will upload new photos to the server based on the Connection Interval much like the cellular cameras?
User will get a notification from the server when new photos are available?
Cameras can be accessed from anywhere through the App.