The Tominator - The Ultimate Turkey Reaping Decoy

Brand: Tactacam
SKU: KW01038

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The art of “turkey reaping” is an up close and personal in your face action! It is the #1 way to kill a henned up or call shy wise old gobbler, and the fastest growing method to turkey hunt. Simply attach The Tominator to your Gun, Bow/X-Bow or Ground Stake and crawl towards a strutting gobbler, and get ready for action because he’ll do the rest!

  1. Attach The Tominator to your Gun, Bow or Ground Stake.
  2. Locate a strutting gobbler in an open field.
  3. Use terrain to get within 200 yds if possible, and then crawl on your knees behind The Tominator.
  4. Get ready for some heart stopping action, and whatever you do, SHOOT STRAIGHT!