Wiley X WX Aries Flight Gloves - Foliage Green - Extra Large XL - G312.XL

Wiley XSKU: KW01337

Sale price$66.50


The Aries Glove is lightweight with Nomex/Kevlar weave throughout the fingers and back of hand for flame resistance and cut protection. Flame resistant treated sheepskin for increased dexterity, durability and protection. Leather reinforced in high-wear areas. Adjustable cuff for custom fit.

  • Adjustable cuff for a custom fit
  • Thumb, index, and middle fingertips have been removed for added dexterity and tactile sensitivity
  • Flame resistant
  • Nomex Knit throughout finger and back of hand for flame resistance and cut protection
  • Custom designed to match military uniforms
  • NAVAIR Approved
  • Outlasts other flyer gloves 4-6 times


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