Wiley X WX Boss Sunglasses Captivate Polarized Blue Mirror Lens / Matte Black Frame - CCBOS09

Wiley XSKU: KW01212

Sale price$206.00


While you can’t always control your environment or the conditions you work and play in, you can take charge of how you perform in them with the aptly named WX Boss. Bold style meets high-performance features, with sleek but wide temples, a high-wrap frame, and a removable gasket to keep irritants away from your eyes. With a medium to large overall fit, the WX Boss rests comfortably close to your face and comes with a t-docking strap to keep them in place during intense activity.

PRODUCT INCLUDES: Removable Facial Cavity™ Seal, Leash Cord with Rubber Grips, T-Peg Elastic Strap, Black Zippered Clamshell Case, Cleaning Cloth with Wiley X Logo or CAPTIVATE™ Microfiber Bag.

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