Wiley X WX Grid Captivate Sunglasses Polarized Green Mirror Lens / Matte Cool Grey Frame - CCGRD07

Wiley XSKU: KW01433

Sale price$206.00


No matter the trail, the terrain, or the conditions, the unique and dynamic design of the WX Grid will keep you moving in the right direction. The sleek, soft curve of the dual injected frame features rubberized temples and nose pad for slip-free wear, and the removable Facial Cavity™ seal sits comfortably against your face, blocking unwanted irritants. With an edgy flair and secure fit, the WX Grid provides the high-performance protection you need to ensure your path and peripheral views remain crystal clear.

PRODUCT INCLUDES: Removable Facial Cavity™ Seal, Black Zippered Clamshell Case, Cleaning Cloth with Wiley X Logo, Leash Cord with Rubber Grips; CAPTIVATE™ models come with microfiber bag versus a cleaning cloth.

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